The Three Pillars In The Education Of Your Children

What most parents want is for their children to grow up well, to be happy, to be in good health … Although sometimes, in this society that is in such a hurry, stress and the overload of responsibilities both at home and at home. work, they make those priorities take a back seat.

This is not to say that parents don’t want their children to be happy all the time, of course they do! Only sometimes, they don’t realize that they have their heads “elsewhere” rather than their real priority: their children.

Basic Pillars In Education

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to dedicate time daily to their children, but also to reflect on what they should do to improve not only their children’s education, but also communication and family well-being.

It is essential to keep this in mind, because it is what will mark the adult your child will become as the years go by. In the day to day, there may be these emotional voids that do not take care of the family well-being and for this reason, on some occasions, they generate serious behavior problems in adolescents.

They do not know how to handle their emotions because they have not learned to do so. Young people with low tolerance for frustration who have forgotten what respect for oneself or others really is.

We see that these children and adolescents do not want to exert themselves and often have toxic emotional dependence that limits them as people. That is why it is necessary for parents to dedicate time and effort every day, it is the most important obligation above anything else.

The fundamental pillars are those that we comment on below …

The Values

The values ​​in a family are fundamental. Respect for oneself and for others, perseverance, effort, patience, humility, kindness, empathy, assertiveness, are examples of values ​​necessary for a child to develop with integrity. This will provide them with essential skills for their integral development and to have healthy and quality social ties.

Values ​​are learned through example and never just by speaking. You will always have to be the best role model so that your child can learn what you really want him to be in life. Be their best example, strive for it and as the years go by, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Beliefs

We are not referring to religious beliefs, that this is something personal to each one and each family. We refer to believing in oneself, in the family, believing in dreams and knowing that with effort they can be fulfilled.

Believe. Believe that it is possible. That there are no more limits than what the imagination wants to set. This will give you enough motivation so that nothing and nobody stops you in life.

 Without hope there is nothing in this life. Hope must be above all. Without hope there is no motivation to do anything. Hope is a generator of illusions and thanks to it, the necessary forces will be drawn to fight for goals.

Along with all this, we want to highlight empathy, since without it depression and mental disorders will appear suddenly. Without empathy and without understanding emotions we cannot be functional people in this life.

For this reason, it is essential that emotions are worked with children since they are small, because although we have not marked it as a pillar, empathy and work on emotions is the basis of everything. Without this, there are neither pillars… nor anything.

Understanding your own emotions and those of others will help you to feel confident about yourself, to have critical thinking and to be able to manage your most intense emotions, even in the most critical moments that life may present to you.

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